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About Aleph


Aleph - Analisi Strategiche, founded in September 2013, is a student association in Università Bocconi which focuses on the composition of strategic analysis on the topics of geopolitics, political economy, and defense.


Our Core Activities

Aleph's main function consists of research and composition of original written analysis.  done through individual or group research and writing which is supported by our dedicated group of editors. Our research is published on our website and shared widely on social media.

Aleph also organizes events aimed toward the Bocconi community, but open to all. Aleph events often dive into the nuances of current events in our target spaces by inviting visiting experts, researchers, journalists, and professors, as well as utilizing the Bocconi faculty.

Aleph alumni have gone on to work in various sectors: diplomacy, international organizations, politics, geopolitical risk analysis, journalism, and finance.

Interested in joining Aleph?

Aleph has two recruiting sessions each academic year - once in September and once in February. All Bocconi students are qualified to apply. Follow our social media to stay up to date on our recruiting opportunities.

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