The Other Side of the Hill

Book Cover: The Other Side of the Hill
ISBN: 0061148121

Despite its long-lasting impact World War II seems to be centuries away. So much has changed since then, both politically and militarily. Warfare has shifted from a massive mobilization of the people to a professional affair which seems to become more and more a permanent occupation rather than an outburst of violence. Dictatorships can now harvest the power of the Internet and realistically aspire to total control of the citizens. Nevertheless, we shouldn't be too hasteful in forgetting the lessons of the past, especially when it comes to something which has hardly changed in the last millenia: human nature. After the war, Basil Liddell Hart had the opportunity to interview the German commanders captured by the Allies and understand what exactly was happening in Hitler's HQ during the conflict. It's an incredible trip to understand how a military structure functions during high-intensity operations and largely debunks many myths which have surrounded the defeated Wehrmacht ever since.


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