China’s Asian Dream

Empire Building Along the New Silk Road

Book Cover: China's Asian Dream
ISBN: 1783609230
Pages: 292

With the Congress of the Communist Party wrapping up many are eager to give their own two cents on the direction Xi Jinping wants to lead China. His personal ambitions and the worries he could aspire to become a new Mao shouldn't however distract us from the broader ambitions of the Asian giant. Another excellent book written by a FT correspondant, China's Asian Dream is a sober perspective on Chinese foreign policy and the future relation between the people's republic and the West. With a good dose of humor Miller marches along the projected path of the "One Belt, One Road" describing the possible impact the ambitious plan may have on Chinese power projection without falling in the trap of ignoring the pitfalls and problems the country will need to face if it wants to achieve true hegemonic power. Without doubt an excellent primer on the topic which reads more fluidly than many other specialized books despite its analytical rigor. It also has the great advantage of having been wirtten before Trump's election, which is a welcomed news for those who think that the US president's persona is a great source of distraction for structural topics like the ones tackled in this book.


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