Africa’s Moment

Book Cover: Africa's Moment
ISBN: 0745651585
Pages: 317

Previously this year, one of the most important Italian legal firms organised a business forum in
Milan regarding the opportunities for Italy in the black continent and they are one of the pioneers
in this, thanks to the collaborations with prominent Cairo and Addis Abeba’s practices. Everybody
has seen through the years how China invested its resources in Africa, but, except some voices,
ignorance regarding its history and its growth is still widespread. It is usually on the news just
when there is a sanitary emergency or because of migrations. However, there is more behind all of
this and this book is a perfect starter pack for those who are curious about what is happening on
the other side of the Sahara. It dates back to 2011, but it gives extremely interesting clues to
understand the nowadays situation, describing the most relevant historical moments and the
challenges for African development, after faults of local rulers and having suffered choices those
countries did not take part into.


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