#Reading The Invention of Russia

The Invention of RussiaThe Soviet collapse didn’t just cause the end of a decads-old conflict, but also a massive change in the Russian public consciousness. What was perceived as a liberation by other citizens of communist countries opened existential questions for a people which had for decades lived under the banner of ideology and was now in search for a new national identity. Naturally, this quest mainly unfolded on the pages and airwaves of the freshly liberalized media, drawing from a long history of thaws and repressions which had characterized the Soviet public life. Through this tale of television pundit and audacious editors Ostrovsky has written one of the best introductions to the birth of the Russian Federation, portraying all the relevant players of the 1990s who helped set the stage to the country we know today.

The Invention of Russia, by A. Ostrovsky. 400 pages.

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